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PV Solar Panels Norfolk, Norwich

Are You Looking For A Renewable Energy Source?

Solar panels can be an excellent investment for homeowners and businesses in Norfolk, including in the city of Norwich. Norfolk is located in the eastern part of England, and like most of the UK, it receives a moderate amount of sunlight throughout the year, which makes it a suitable location for solar panels.

The performance of solar panels in Norfolk will depend on various factors, including the orientation of your roof, the amount of shade it receives, and the size of the system you install. If you are looking for solar panel installation in Norfolk, you are in the right place; we are experts in providing you with the right solar thermal system for you and your property.

A solar water heating system in your home can reduce energy costs in Norfolk and Norwich. To learn more about the high standards our team can provide to homeowners in Ilford regarding solar panels, give us a call today! You can use solar thermal panels to heat your home and as a cost-effective solution for running electric vehicle charging points!

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Your solar panel system will have several solar PV (photovoltaic) cells which capture the sun's energy. An inverter then converts the energy from the solar cells into electricity for your home.

Your home will use this power as you generate it, and you'll import any extra you need from the grid.

Are Solar PV Panels Suitable For Norwich Homes?

Solar panels can be an excellent option for homes in Norwich, as they can help you generate clean, renewable energy and save money on your energy bills. However, the suitability of solar panels for your home in Norwich will depend on various factors, including the orientation and pitch of your roof, the amount of shade it receives, and your energy usage.

Like most of the UK, Norwich receives moderate sunlight throughout the year, making it a suitable location for solar panels. The orientation of your roof is essential; ideally, it should face south to receive the most sunlight, but east- or west-facing roofs can also work well. The pitch of your roof is also essential, and a pitch of around 30-40 degrees is optimal for solar panels in the UK.

The amount of shade on your roof can also affect the performance of your solar panels. If nearby trees or buildings shade your roof, it may not be suitable for solar panels. A reputable solar panel installer can assess your property and provide advice on the best system for your needs.

To find out more, speak to our Norfolk solar panel experts here at Save Energy Trade World; we want to help you generate electricity for your home without needing to be connected to the national grid!

It costs less than you think

Did you know you can get a PV solar system from just £5,495?2 We have a choice of finance options available.

A greener tomorrow

Generating your own solar power reduces your carbon footprint and the amount of fossil fuels used to power your home.

Greater independence

Generating your own energy gives you more independence. You can also get paid for any excess you export back to the Grid.

Store excess energy

Starting from £2,574, a battery allows you to store up excess energy generated in the day to use at night, helping you to save.

Buying solar panels - are they worth it?

Buying Solar Panels - Are They Worth It?

Installing solar panels and battery storage can reduce your annual electricity costs by up to £700, making solar one of the renewable energy sources increasing the fastest globally.

You may store the energy you generate with a battery added to your solar panel system, increasing your independence from the grid and your ability to save money.

Reduce your home's carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future by using solar power, which is produced from renewable and sustainable sources.

Additionally, solar photovoltaic panels can supply most of your electricity if you make your home more energy efficient. Using our interest-free option to install a solar package might save £37,500 over 25 years.1

Which solar energy package is right for me?

Your Local Solar Panel Installers In Norfolk, Norwich

We provide six solar PV packages to make it easy for you to choose the best system for your home and budget in Norfolk and Norwich.

A 25-year performance guarantee on solar panels is included with each of our packages. To ensure you receive the highest energy generation at all levels of sunshine, you can rest confident that we only employ the best solar panels.

Our solar panel systems are built to the highest standards, utilising only MCS-accredited hardware and installers, guaranteeing a low-carbon energy solution that you can trust. So why wait? Let's work together to make your home a shining example of sustainable energy.

Our Solar Panel Packages

All of our Solar Panel Packages include: Full installation, 1 x side of scaffolding, pigeon wiring on solar panels, inclusion into the Smart Export Guarantee (S.E.G.)

Solar panels fitted onto your roof with excellent performance at our lowest price. This package is for you if you have no shading on your roof. Should shading be an issue, you may want to consider optimising your package. You can upgrade to optimisers, regardless of shading. The performance on your system will increase by up to 20%

Package 1

Package 1

8 Solar Panels 2.96kW System from £5,495
8 Solar Panels 3.2kW System from £5,995

8 Solar Panels 3.28kW Optimised System from £6,695
Package 2

Package 2

10 Solar Panels 3.7kW System from £6,495
10 Solar Panels 4kW System from £6,995

10 Solar Panels 4.1kW Optimised System from £7,895
Package 3

Package 3

10 Solar Panels 3.7kW + 6.5kWh Battery System from £10,495
10 Solar Panels 4kW + 6.5kWh Battery System from £10,995

10 Solar Panels 4.1kW + 6.5kWh Battery Optimised System from £11,995
Package 4

Package 4

12 Solar Panels 4.44kW + 6.5kWh Battery System from £12,095
12 Solar Panels 4.8kW + 6.5kWh Battery System from £12,395

12 Solar Panels 4.92kW + 6.5kWh Battery Optimised System from £13,195
Package 5

Package 5

14 Solar Panels 5.18kW + 6.5kWh Battery System from £13,295
14 Solar Panels 5.6kW + 6.5kWh Battery System from £13,595

14 Solar Panels 5.74kW + 6.5kWh Battery Optimised System from £14,595
Package 6

Package 6

16 Solar Panels 5.92kW + 13kWh(2 x 6.5kWh) Battery System from £16,495
16 Solar Panels 6.4kW + 13kWh(2 x 6.5kWh) Battery System from £16,695

16 Solar Panels 6.56kW + 13kWh(2 x 6.5kWh) Battery Optimised System from £17,795
How do solar panels work?

How do solar panels work?

Numerous solar PV (photovoltaic) cells will be used in your solar panel system to collect solar energy. This can occur without being exposed to direct sunlight.

You may store the energy you generate with a battery added to your solar panel system, increasing your independence from the grid and your ability to save money.

The solar energy is then transformed into power for your home by an inverter. As you produce it, your home will use it, and you will import any additional you require from the grid.

Your system can store energy to use as and when you like if a battery is connected.

Solar Panel Battery Storage

Battery Storage - A Step Closer To Energy Independence

Are you ready to take your energy savings to the next level with solar panels? Our team of experts in Norfolk and Norwich offer a package that provides great performance at an affordable price, especially if your roof is free of shading. However, if shading is a concern, we also have the option of adding optimizers to boost the system's performance by up to 20%.

Many of our customers in Norfolk and Norwich opt to complement their solar energy package with battery storage, which comes at an additional cost of £2,574. This allows for increased self-sufficiency by storing energy generated during the day for later use, reducing dependence on the grid. Additionally, we offer a battery-only option starting at £3,845 for those who already have solar panels but want to add battery storage. So, don't wait any longer and let's start generating your own power and lowering your energy bills today!

We work with the following solar equipment manufacturers and suppliers

LG Huawei Tesla Energy Canadian Solar REC Solar Jinko Solar Solis Inverters Ja Solar Viridian Solar Solax Power Alpha ESS Fox ESS Enphase EVBox Givenergy GSE Integration ESDEC Renusol Myenergi Pylontech Qcells Schletter Solar Edge Sunsynk

Frequently Asked Questions

Despite the UK's reputation, we get more than enough solar energy to make solar panels for your home a good investment, even on cloudy days. The UK receives a similar amount of solar energy as some of the warmer European countries and the same as Germany, one of the world's leading solar power generators.
Adding a battery to your package allows you to store energy generated during the day to use when you wish, making your home more self-sufficient and saving you money. You can add a battery to your package for just £2,574.
A 14-panel solar system could generate enough energy in a year to power a Tesla EV for 17,780 miles of emission-free driving or enable an A++ dishwasher to complete 4,700 loads in that time.
Adding solar panels to your home is classed as a "Permitted Development" and therefore, standard solar panel installations do not require planning permission. Planning permission should be obtained if your home is a listed building, world heritage site or the installation does not meet standard guidelines.
All our solar PV panels come with a 10-year product warranty and a 25-year performance guarantee.
Whether your roof faces south, east or west, your home is perfect to have solar panels fitted. North-facing roofs will not receive as much sunlight and therefore won't be as efficient. The pitch of your roof should be between 20° - 50°.
We offer both on-roof and in-roof solar panels. Our on-roof solar panels are black and fit on top of your roof tiles and have black frames, rather than the standard silver, to ensure the most amount of the sun's energy is soaked up as possible and your roof looks great. The in-roof panels replace the roof tiles, so they sit flush and give your home a modern and sleek look.
Solar PV panels convert the sun's energy into electricity which can be used in many ways, from lighting your home to powering your appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. If you have an electric or hybrid vehicle and home charger, you can use the solar power from your PV panels to charge your car.
We aim to install your solar system in a day, plus some time to put your scaffolding up beforehand and take it down after. This depends on the system you choose and your home, but we’ll discuss this with you before the installation. It will take less than a day if you just have a battery fitted to your existing solar system.
We can fit solar panels on roofs of all shapes and sizes; however, fitting solar photovoltaic panels on a north-facing roof may not give you the full benefit of the system. One of our experts will conduct a survey and guide you through the best options for your home.

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Our technician will then work with you to choose the perfect solar panel package for your home, tailored to fit your unique needs and budget. We'll provide you with a quote and, if you decide to proceed, we'll schedule an installation date that works for you and take care of the rest.


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